I Thought My Feyancy Loves Me Until I Created A Fake Facebook Profile

It was the romantic month of February and everything looked nice as the chilly strokes were getting humble. Winter was gradually packing up all its essentials and spring started knocking with pleasing sunshine.


Only few days were left for the Valentine’s Day and market was already flooded with romantic gifts, flowers and love cards. I was 18 but still single and thought that I would have to spend this Valentine’s too with my loving pooch Tuffy just like the last year. I brought his favourite chicken dish and he kept on licking those bones all night long.

But little did I know that destiny has planned something different and much better for me. It was Rose Day on 7th February 2017 and my senior Zubair on whom I had a crush was waiting for me inside the college gate with a red rose in his hand.

As I entered, he went down on his knees and proposed to me. I was on cloud nine and couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. Till now, I had only dreamed of him and this scene was no less than a dream coming true. I was blushing, accepted the rose and said ‘YES’.

The world suddenly became lovelier and I started loving myself more than ever. I used to stand in front of mirror, getting ready for hours and smile when alone.

Months passed by and our relationship grew stronger. We couldn’t live without each other and I desperately wanted to marry him. Zubair was everything to me and I had considered him my husband, We were like two bodies one soul and had created a world of our own.and sson on 09 Sep 2017 we got angaged.

Suddenly I had dengue and couldn’t go to college for about a fortnight. A day without Zubair appeared to be an age. Gradually we communicated less and one day, he didn’t reply to my message. I again messaged, thinking that he might not have got my text but again I didn’t get a reply. I was feeling bad and crying. In an evening, my friend called me and warned me about Zubair. She told me about his closeness with another girl and when she caught them, Zubair requested her not to tell me anything about it.

Even though I trusted Zubair blindly, this news shook me to the core and I was about to faint. My world was shattering and I was helpless.

Gradually I recovered and went to college but I didn’t inform this to him in advance. I wanted to see his reaction on suddenly finding me there. When I reached college, he was not happily surprised but rather shocked and pretended that he missed me a lot. My suspicion grew stronger.

After about a week, I created a fake Facebook profile and sent him friend request. I was shocked when he accepted it in a couple of hours. And then we started chatting. It was a formal conversation in the beginning but after a month, he showed more interest or in other words, began flirting with me. I asked him whether he has any girlfriend or in any relation and he straightaway refused. I was broken was not able to tell my family coz it was my ouw will and the little bit faith that I had in him was lost that day.

However, I didn’t reveal the truth to him at once because I wanted to see how low he can stoop and all the limits were crossed one day when he talked dirty and asked me to send him my hot pic. Now the situation was intolerable for me but I wanted to catch him red-handed, so I asked him to plan a meeting in a public park. I convinced a friend whom Zubair didn’t know and she reached the decided spot where Zubairl was already waiting for her.

After little chit-chat, he hold her hand and tried to pull her closer. This was when I came out from where I was hiding with my and Zubair’s common friends. He was shocked to see all of us, I walked to him in anger and gave him a tight slap. I disclosed the whole matter and told him that he’s a cheap guy who doesn’t deserve my true love. He was embarrassed to be exposed in front of all of us and asked for forgiveness but that was the last time I talked to him.

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