Meet Mehvish, the Kashmiri woman who is winning hearts with her cafe in Srinagar

Mehvish was just seven when she lost her father to cancer. The family of four has suffered a lot since then.

But Mehvish was not someone who would lose hope.

Twenty-five-year-old Mehvish now owns a cafe in Srinagar– the first in the Kashmir capital to be run by a woman– along with her mother and her two siblings.

“It was hard in the beginning. No one seemed to be sure that I could do it, but I never gave up,” says Mehvish, a law graduate.

In a strife-torn Jammu and Kashmir where life is already hard, it is no small feat that Mehvish, a young woman, has started a venture on her own; and not just any venture, but something that brings a community closer.

Youngsters in Srinagar throng her cafe. They say they feel connected to the ambience at Mehvish’s cafe. Mehvish would like to keep it that way.

On her critics, Mehvish says, “There are people who always critise because they cannot see a woman do things on her own. I ignore them.”

Mehvish isn’t alone in Kashimir, though.

A number of women lately are breaking streotypes and venturing into fields traditionally dominated by men. Mehvish, too, is contributing to change the dynamics.


Source :  India Today 

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