SKUAST Interview Schedule for Various Posts

SKUAST Interview Schedule for Various Posts

Posts : Various

In continuation to this office Notice No. Au/Adm(GAD)/2018/Adv-teaching/17311-12 23-01-2019, the Schedule of Interview for various Faculty positions advertised vide Advertisement Notice Nos.(i) 05 of 2016 dated 29.10.2016, (ii) 01 of 2017 dated 13.3.2017, (iii) No. 01 of 2018 dated 2.5.2018 read with No. Au/Adm(GAD)/2018/Adv­teaching/2018-19/2265-2365 dated 03.5.2018, No. Au/Adm(GAD)/2018/Adv-teaching/ 2018-19/2594-2664 dated 07.05.2018, No. Au/Adm(GAD)/2018/Adv-teaching/2018/ 3623-82 dated .u r at jk up date s.28.05.2018, No. Au/Adm(GAD)/ 2018/Adv-teaching/2018/4321-61 dated 07.06.2018 No. Au/Adm(GAD)/2018/Adv-teaching/2018-19/5795-855 dated 3.7.2018 dated and (iv) Advertisement Notice No. 02 of 2018 dated 03.5.2018 is hereby notified as per Annexure”A” and available on the University website for information of all the concerned.

All the concerned candidates are accordingly informed to reach Vice-Chancellor’s Secretariat at Shalimar, Srinagar at 10.30 A.M. as per the Schedule of interview alongwith all requisite documents in original.

It is further informed that the Screening Committee recommendations for other advertised positions together with Schedule of interview shall also be hoisted on the University website, therefore, it is advised to all the concerned to visit the University website for further updation.

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