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Various jobs in India Kids School

Various jobs in India Kids School Udhampur.   1. Coordinators: Kindergarten, Primary and Middle wing – experience in teaching and administration required   2. Teachers: Kindergarten, PRT(all subjects), TGT (all subjects – B.Ed. compulsory) Art and Craft   3. ComputerLab Incharge – graduate in computers with expertise in computer   4. Office Administrator: graduate with […]

Man raped and killed 9 kids

A jobless 20-year-old man has confessed to raping and killing at least nine girls aged between three and seven in New Delhi and three other cities over the past two years, police said on Wednesday. The case spotlights the number of young children who go missing every year in India and raises the question of […]

Heavy School bags, a burden for Kashmiri kids

For five-year-old Ali going to school was a pain. Literally. He would come back home complaining of pain in his back and ankles. When his parents took him to an orthopaedic, it was found that the cause of Ali’s pain was the school bag he was carrying. Little Ali was carrying nearly 9 kg of […]